Question: will the link placement be “permanent?”

We are often receiving this question from our clients. They are eager to verify if the link they want to buy on some of our websites will be (what they call) “permanent”.

What is the definition of permanent? In our opinion nothing is permanent in this universe, as everything is dynamically changing. There were no backlinks nor internet 50 years ago and we have no crystal ball to foresee if there will be any form of internet as we know if today 50 years from now.

This is also why we cannot confirm the “permanency” of the link placement. There are many aspects that can influence how long will the link be placed:

  • existence of the website
  • existence of internet in general
  • website owners still alive
  • website under the same ownership
  • technology still using HTML as a language for links
  • and many more unpredictable aspects

Therefore we cannot guarantee PERMANENT LINK PLACEMENT. And nobody can. If they promise that they can do it, they are certainly lying to you, considering all the above.

But we take the job seriously – this is why we offer a cash back guarantee if the link disappears in the year following the day when it was inserted / published. This is realistic and we can influence this.

For anything farther in future we offer no guarantee nor insurance.