becomes a part of Joins Forces with

Date: 29th November, 2023

In a significant development in the home design and lifestyle blogging sphere, has officially become part of This merger marks a new chapter for both platforms, uniting their strengths to provide an even richer and more diverse array of content to their audience.

About, known for its engaging and informative content on home decoration, has been a go-to resource for readers looking for inspiration and practical guidance for their home design projects. The blog has built a reputation for its in-depth guides, simple tips, and a plethora of accompanying images that have helped countless individuals in their home improvement journeys​​.

About, originally founded in late December 2013 as Home-Styler and later rebranded, has become a beacon in the world of home design, interiors, exteriors, garden ideas, and comfortable living. It stands out with its posts that showcase real homes, kitchen and bathroom makeovers, and buyer’s guides for key appliances and large furniture pieces. Beyond home design, Livinator also touches on lifestyle elements, making it a comprehensive guide for comfortable and stylish living​​​​.

The Merger: Expanding Horizons

With this merger, all the content previously published on will now be accessible on This move is not just a consolidation of resources but a blending of expertise and styles, promising to bring a more diverse and expansive range of ideas and inspirations to readers.

Looking Ahead

As welcomes the Housenate community, readers can look forward to an enhanced experience with a broader spectrum of home design and lifestyle topics. The combined platform is set to deliver innovative decorating features, practical advice, and inspirational ideas, continuing its mission to transform everyday living into an art form.