Guest post pricing – v24.1

Effective as of 01/01/2024

  1. Pricing table of guest posts

Here is the overview of our websites together with the current pricing:


Web URL Niche Guest post price Link insertion to existing article TAT
MyFancyHouse Home, architecture  $  49.00  $  45.00 5 days
Livinator Home, garden, travel  $  49.00  $  45.00 5 days
The Homestead Survival Home, garden, DIY  $  79.00  $  75.00 5 days
Businessner Business, startups, interviews  $  49.00  $  45.00 5 days
TreatNHeal Health  $  79.00  $  75.00 5 days
Healthtian Health  $  49.00  $  45.00 5 days
IntoGuide Software & IT  $  49.00  $  45.00 5 days

* This pricing is valid between 1/1/2024 and 12/31/2024 and is not negotiable.

All orders are submitted strictly via our online form.

Price effective date

We always apply the price as of the date when the content is received. Any content pre-approvals (e.g., topic or title approval) are not considered valid for the backdating of the price that we apply. Every client is obliged to understand the current price on the date when the content is provided via a regular order. The current price is published on and is changed on an annual basis.

Example: If a topic pre-approval was given in December 2022, but the content wasn’t provided to us until January 2023, then the 2023 price will be applied.

2. Publishing time

  • Standard delivery

The service level agreement (SLA) for all incoming posts is 5 work days. The 5 day period starts running once we receive the guest post and ends with a delivery of the post URL.

TAT in the pricing table means the amount of time taken to complete a process or fulfill a request. In our case, it is equal to the 5 days SLA mentioned in the paragraph above.

  • Express delivery

If you would like to have an express delivery, we offer an extra service to publish in 24 hours upon receipt. To request this service, please mention “EXPRESS DELIVERY” in your email.

You will be charged $15 extra for this service, and your order will be expedited as a very high priority.

3. Contact

Contact for all the above websites: use the online form

4. Payment

1. Payment gate

All payments are made through PayPal; we do not provide other payment methods.

Before we process any order, we need to have a valid PayPal ID to which we will send the invoice once we complete the work.

Once the invoice is sent, customers are requested to pay the invoice in the next 14 days. We also send an email confirmation that the post was published and that the invoice was sent to the client’s PayPal account.

2. Overdue payments

If the invoice is not paid in the 14 days following the date when the post was published, we reserve the right to remove the backlinks from the published post and reinstate the links only once we receive the full invoiced amount. We will send email reminders if the payment is overdue. We will also inform you that the links are removed due to your inability to settle the payment. In such cases, we will issue a credit note to fully cancel the original invoice. In case we do not receive any payment, we will suspend your client account, and you will not be able to place any future orders.

3. Payment Currency

The price listed in our pricing overview is all in USD (United States Dollar). We always charge in the same currency. The invoiced amount will be in USD too. The clients are responsible for converting their local currency to USD and covering any fees related to the currency conversion.


In the event that you choose to pay our invoice in advance, you are also required to provide the content of the guest post or link insertion details within a reasonable period of time. If you do not provide the necessary information in the same calendar year that you pay your invoice, your deposit will be forfeited, and we will not be able to carry forward the order liability to the next calendar year. If you are not confident that you will be able to supply the guest contribution or link insertion details in the foreseeable future, we strongly advise you not to pay the invoice in advance.

5. Refund policy

Once an invoice has been paid and the service has been delivered, the invoice amount is non-refundable. We consider the service to be delivered upon completion of the agreed-upon work or provision of the requested service. This includes but is not limited to publishing guest posts, link insertions, or any other services rendered by our company. We strive to maintain transparency and provide high-quality services to our clients. Therefore, it is essential to carefully review and confirm your requirements before making any payments. In the event that any disputes arise, we encourage open communication to address concerns and find mutually agreeable resolutions, such as offering alternative solutions or credits towards future services.

5. Guest Post Guidelines

  • The content must be written for our websites (i.e., not published anywhere else online, ever). If we find out that the post was published simultaneously somewhere else, we reserve the right to delete the post from our website.
  • Posts must be at least 800 words; there is no maximum limit.
  • Only photos that you own or images under free license can be used. Images found on Google Image, Flickr, Pinterest, etc., where you have doubts about the copyright are not permitted unless you obtained permission from the lawful copyright owner.
  • The content of the post becomes the property of our websites once it’s published.
  • Submissions should be saved in Word format (not pdf or any other format)
  • Please read our detailed guest post guidelines for further reference.

We do NOT accept:

  • Previously published content, so please submit your own original work.
  • Posts covering topics which are already covered on the blog.
  • Posts that do not provide any useful or meaningful insights.
  • Offensive or inaccurate posts.
  • Adult content, hazards, gambling, sex, drugs – more details here


6. Backlinks

Number of backlinks

Posts must contain no more than 2 dofollow links. We reserve the right to modify/remove the link(s) if the target page changes content or is not accessible anymore. To avoid any penalty from Google, our staff reviews outgoing links on a regular basis. We provide refunds only for links removed within the first year (12 months) after publishing. In the case that your link is removed due to the fact that the target page is not accessible or has changed its content, we do not provide refunds.

In the case that we find out that the post was published somewhere else before it was submitted to our inbox, we also reserve the right to remove the post without any refunds.

Naked links are allowed.

Links to adult content or gambling are not accepted. We keep our websites accessible for minors and therefore reserve the right to reject any links targeting content rated as adult only.

We reserve the right to insert more related links to (and around) any content you submit. Clients have no control regarding the links around the content, such as website menu items, and links in the header, sidebar, and footer. In-content links are often inserted by automation as well to increase interlinking. Such links will not be removed upon client request, only if the reasons are justified. Determining whether or not the reasons are justified is decided solely by the Bigposting staff.


In general, we do not guarantee a lifetime placement, as we are not able to estimate how long the website(s) will be live and what changes in ownership will happen in the future. Therefore the money-back guarantee is in place only for 12 months after publishing. To extend the link placement guarantee, it would be necessary to contact us again after 12 months and purchase an extension of the link placement, by which you also extend the guarantee. For any questions related to the link expiry topic, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please also refer to the “link permanency” section to understand if the links will be permanent.

LINK & content administration

For any links or content modification requests that come after the content and links are published, we reserve the right to only accept selected modification requests during the first year (12 months) after the content or links are published. For any requests asking for modifications of content that was purchased and published more than a year ago, we reserve the right to refuse such requests for capacity reasons. Our agents are not paid to spend a large portion of their work time supporting clients who paid a long time ago. For the first 12 months, however, we are fully committed to adjusting/modifying/improving/replacing any detail in the post you paid for, and we will diligently reply to any email you send us regarding your order.

All submissions are an act of agreement to all terms and conditions listed in this document and a statement of acknowledgment that you are fully capable of understanding the rules and regulations described in the Terms of Service (

Please note that all submissions are subject to our approval, and we reserve the right to make changes at any time, both prior to posting and after the post is live; this includes the writing, images, and/or links. If submissions require too much editing, we may choose not to post them.